Monday, July 13, 2009


Brian got to go home this morning so is doing fine. Brendan and I are having fun. He asked if he were here just for today or permanently. I told him he'd probably go home tomorrow, and he said he wanted to stay with Grammy 100 times forever. I'm glad he feels that way.


David Dust said...


I'm glad your son is OK. Thanks for keeping us posted.


Love You 100 times forever!!!

Howard said...

Awwww! I remember watching my niece & nephew earlier while my sister and hubby went on vacation. Katie, age 8, started crying on the last day, saying she wanted her parents home, but also wanted me to stay. That felt wonderful, even if I spend my vacation in NJ so my sis could spend hers in Italy.

So glad all went well.

Beth said...

I'm glad Brian is ok. that can be so scary! and aren't grand babies just THE BEST!!!??? my Joey says the same thing to me...I wish he DID live closer to me, so he could be at my house every day.


Ms. Moon said...

I felt the same when my niece said she wanted to live in my house forever.
Glad your son is fine.

miss alaineus said...

that's something to put into the grandma bank and pull out to think about when he is far from your heart.

glad your son is recovering and on the mend.


Bob said...

Well, I'm sure that was the news you were waiting on. Your grandson sounds cute, and must have been a comnfort to you while all this hospital drama pl;ayed out.

Mark in DE said...

Glad your son is doing better.

"100 times forever" Ah, kids are so cute when they say things like this. Then they grow up and break your heart. (just kidding) :-)