Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here I Go Again

I just noticed that I have new followers! Thank you! :-)

Then I noticed if I had two more, there would be an even 50. I suppose everyone has become a follower who wants to, but if two of you haven't, now is your time to move the numbers up to the next tens place. It's OK if you don't, but I might have a few control issues and need it. Those with real OCD, call it CDO because that's in alphabetical order. I don't have it but wanted to work in that joke my son Brian told me.

This is my disorder: (What? Don't we all have one? What is yours?)


Pseudonymph said...

I like that - CDO. I'll use it if I may. You may recall that in my 25 things, I did state that if I tried a little harder, I could be obsessive compulsive.
I have 10 witty followers! Double figures, currently debating computers, it would appear...

Joy said...

Yeah, but your blog is by invitation only. I was just reading the computer debate on yours and about to make a comment when I noticed you'd made one on here. (ADD, you know)

Ms. Moon said...

My disorders?
They don't even all have formal names yet, alphabetical or not.

Pseudonymph said...

I've opened it up. Are you still having to sign in?
Thank heavens for multiple windows where we can comment on others' blogs as they comment on ours! A lovely synchronicity.