Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Transported Beyond the Moon

Ms Moon writes so well it takes my breath away. Every time I read her blog, I get so many thoughts and images that I want to respond to and write about. I might quote some of her words and use them for writing prompts when I'm so inspired I can't keep it to myself.

The first part of her poem (not featured here) describes the humidity of Southern summers you can see in some of those pictures I posted from Tennessee.

Please go to Bless Our Hearts and read her July 14 poem. You'll be glad you did. Here is a bit of it. See what I mean?
This morning I walked down to the creek
The No Trespassing Sign has disappeared which was sign enough for me to go
Down that path and into the woods where I always think
They'd never find me if I disappeared here by snake or crazy person or wild cat or bear
Or allergic reaction.
Never. And then I think,
Oh well.

The creek is running slowly and is small in its sandy banks right now
And as brown and clear as iced tea
And indeed it is a tea, leaves brewed in its water as it flows.
Oaks and pines and cedars hang over it, grow beside it
And I thought to myself that if I lived by a real river of majesty and wonder
I couldn't bear the beauty
This small creek almost does me in
As it runs all by itself, no one to see it but me.


Ms. Moon said...

Thank-you, Joy, for this. It's strange to see my words on someone else's page, but I really like it. I'm glad you liked the poem.

Bob said...

Very pretty; haunting.

Eric Arvin said...

I love this type of poetry; serene and thoughtful.