Monday, July 27, 2009

Had to Check This Out Trivia

Owls have asymmetrical ears: one is directed downward, the other upward.

You might notice that we can't see their ears. They are located at the sides of the head, behind the eyes, and are covered by the feathers of the facial disc. The "Ear Tufts" visible on some are not ears at all, but simply display feathers.

More HERE if you'd like to read interesting information about owls. Thank you, Google! That's it for now from Cliffie!


Mariana Soffer said...

Lovely drawing, and lovely owls, arent they wierd? and also kind of scary? the way they look at you with their eyes is strange.

By the way the link where you intended to put more info about owls is not working check it out

Take care

Joy said...

Thank you for letting me know, Mariana. I fixed it. They are unusual.

Bob said...

Owl trivia combined with ear trivia.
You are out-cliffie-ing Cliffie!

Dan said...

"who" knew!

Joy said...

Cute, Dan! :-)

That's right, Nahm. How's Vera?

frogponder said...

My mom was a bird of prey demonstrator for a nature museum in Central Oregon. We got to go behind the scenes and into the enclosure where they lived. Big barn owl named Owliver and a tiny pygmy owl, redtail hawks and a turkey vulture among others. The kids used to help demonstrate when we were down there.