Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Worship Services

As I've mentioned before, I worship at the church of NPR on Sunday mornings with my favorite show ever wait wait ... don't tell me! and Says You! and Studio 360 all from 9 - 12. Family and friends know not to call me from 11 -12 when wait wait is on unless it's an emergency. When I go to Chicago again, I'm going to the Chase Auditorium and watch them broadcast a show. I hope my favorites Roy Blount, Jr., Paula Poundstone, and either Adam Felber, Mo Rocca, or Tom Bodett will be there. I LOVE that show! It's a humorous look at current events. You can listen to it on your NPR station or podcasts of it. I promise that other liberal political junkies and those who keep up with what's going on will love it. Let me know if you already listen to it and thank me for turning you on to it if you learn about it and like it.

Paige, Tina, and I are going to TPAC next month to see Says You and are looking forward to it.

Today on Studio 360, Kurt Anderson was at the Aspen Ideas Festival where they were looking at ways to use the economic crisis to our advantage. I cannot urge you strongly enough to listen to a podcast of this show. You can access it from their webpage HERE or listen to it on this page. I listened to it on the radio and don't know if the whole program is on there or not.

Trust me, you'll be glad you listened. Kurt's "Forever Young" piece about the attitude of the Boomers explains quite a bit and is accurate along with how the generation my parents' age coped after going through the Depression and WWII. My parents were babies during the Depression, and I was born during WWII. Check it out when you have time and let me know what you think. I'm going to blog about it soon.

Description from website:

Studio 360 comes to us from the Aspen Ideas Festival, where Kurt and his guests are looking for ways to use the economic crisis to our advantage: think of it as the Great American Reset. Writer Susan Orlean remembers the optimism of her late father, who came of age during the Depression. The band They Might Be Giants has a warning about dangerous fads. And inventor Saul Griffith explains how to get kids excited about the future again.


Bob said...

I also worship at the Cathedral of the NPR! Love it.

Speaking of love, I am loving your new banner photo. Bee-you-tee-full.

Ms. Moon said...

Me too! "Wait, Wait" comes on here on Saturdays at two p.m. I listen whenever I can. "Prairie Home Companion" is a highlight of my week. I don't think my life would be half as interesting as it is without NPR. I am a junkie for it.

David Dust said...

You know, I have NEVER listened to NPR! Isn't that weird?!?


Joy said...

David, you would love "Wait, Wait!" for sure!

It comes on here Saturday afternoon, too, Ms. Moon. Sometimes I listen to it then but have made a routine of Sunday mornings with NPR.

Jimbo said...

I LOVE "Wait Wait..." Such a fun and informative show. I haven't attended a broadcast. Once of these days I will. I enjoy Paula Poundstone on it, especially. Tom Bodett is also quite entertaining.