Saturday, July 25, 2009

Erection Trivia

A. C. Gilbert, the inventor of the Erector set, won an Olympic gold medal in 1908 for the pole vault.

More information HERE.

Ha! Thought that title would get your attention! (sorry - no, not really)


Howard said...

Indeed, the title worked! LOL

June Saville said...

Wait for the comments to roll in Joy!
June in Oz

Berry Blog said...

Makes me think of May Day celebration as a kid and we all held streamers wove in and out of each other around the May pole.of course it was all very beautiful when we were all spread out, but as the maypole weave grew tighter, it was not as beautiful as it was when we started. If that isn't openly sexual, what is?

Mark in DE said...

I admit, you got me with that post title! :-)