Thursday, June 18, 2009


When I first retired, I went to work immediately at Feet & More Wellness Center. (I told him it was a silly name.) My reflexologist I had gone to for several years and his wife moved from the place he worked and opened his own store. He has reflexology appointments and sells vitamins and supplements. She handles the business part of it mostly and is in the supplement part of the store. They asked what I was going to do when I retired and asked if I'd like to work there part-time. I worked a couple of days a week or so for over a year but then decided to teach homebound students since I could make more money in less time. I still worked very part-time until now when I just work a couple of days or so about three or four times a year when they are out of town.

They are at a conference, so I worked today and will tomorrow and Saturday. I take crossword puzzles, a book, knitting, an audio book to listen to while I knit, and whatever paperwork I need to do. Sometimes it's barely busy in there and other times there's a steady stream of customers, so I am prepared to keep myself entertained.

That was before I got a BlackBerry! Today I spent hours on it reading email, blogs, and Facebook. I was able to send email and make comments on FB easily. Blogs were another experience! First of all, I forgot my password to sign in to Blogger. I have an automatic sign-in for sites and have to think about it or look it up. No way over there. Eventually I remembered it, but it wouldn't let me post any comments. I tried about eight times before that one showed up on David's blog. Fortunately, the comment stayed on there while I kept trying to post it, so I didn't have to redo it since there's no way to copy and paste on that phone. Then I wrote a comment and tried ten times to post it on Charlie's blog (Berry). Nada! Zilch! No way! I never got it on there. My thumbs were tired, and I was frustrated. But I was totally entertained for a long time catching up. Nothing looks as good on that small screen as it does on the 17" monitor of my laptop. I'd take it to work if they had internet connection, which they don't, so I'm really glad to have the BlackBerry! You just don't know what I went through to make comments and send email on it!

I'll be back over there the next two days and will be back on the phone trying to do the best I can.

My cousin Sally came in briefly (funny story - wrong day) and brought me some lunch because she called to let me know she was on the way. Then Vicki visited for the afternoon, and we had a nice conversation. I feel much better today than I have been. I think I need an office to go somewhere else and do something, but what would I do. Any suggestions?

Actually I know what I should do to get myself on a schedule and get out of the house on a regular basis. I do belong to two gyms. I contribute financially to one of them and my medicare insurance plan pays for the other one. There's a Silver Sneakers class in that one on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9:00 I keep planning to go to but have had conflicts or haven't gotten up early enough. No, real conflicts like appointments for me, Mother, or Brendan. Really! That's happened about half the time and the not getting up in time to go is the other half. I need to be more like my mother in several ways but need to stay like me in others.


frogponder said...

A Blackberry! You are a braver woman than I.

David Dust said...

I am seriously impressed that you have a blackberry. I can barely work my regular cell phone!