Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend with the Boy

Yesterday was pretty busy after I met Brian for the Brendan exchange, with a trip to Toys R Us to get some activity books, which are coming in handy, and some maracas. We went to lunch at Calypso after playing at Red Caboose Park in Bellevue. Then we went to my mother's where he played in the yard and next door on the neighbor's swing set. Mother, Brendan, and I rode around and then went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. By then, it was time to take Mother home and head to my house. Bath, reading, and bedtime came quite a bit later than usual (11:00). He slept until 7:30 and woke up saying, "Rise and shine!"

Today we had breakfast, worked in the activity books, walked around the lake (one of us ran about half of the mile around it and we know which one), ate at Mazatlan, and are now home playing inside and out. The dinner at House Blend is tonight. Brendan decided he wants the salmon. Report later when I can.

Later ... Brendan behaved really well at the dinner! It was good to have reinforcements. Paige and Carl and I have been friends so long that we're like family. Their daughters think of me as an aunt. They were there along with their daughter Virginia. She and I are really close because she stayed with me some when she drove here from where she and her husband and daughter live to work for a vet. She's a vet tech, and her husband is a large animal veterinarian. She'd worked for this vet before she was married and came back to work a few days a week. After Paige and Carl moved to Columbia, SC, she stayed with me those nights. I really enjoyed her being here. Brian was in college, so I enjoyed the company. She's such a neat person anyway and a pleasure to have around. It was good to see her tonight. Her daughter is a senior in high school next year and checking out colleges.

We had a good visit, excellent meal, and enjoyable evening. My next post will include pictures.


mistress maddie said...

Rise and shine! That's funny Joy! Out of the months of babes! Now if you had been drinking and he ran in and had a bit of a hang over you could have said like the movie Mame. "Keep it down, your Auntie Flame is hung'"

frogponder said...

I'm enjoying digging in the family room - organizing, sorting, odds and sods. Your weekend sounds more fun!

Berry Blog said...

In all our talks I don't believe you have ever said how he is in a public restaurant. He's pretty young for any kid experiemting with gourmet foods. That must be interesting in itself. is he willing to try new things?
(I'm not the great adventurer with new foods myself, partly because I am so visual I need to go to Denny's so i can see the pictures or take someone like Debbie who can translate like "It's gonna be spicey beans Charlie", or It's "When you see Lorraine, it's gonna have spinach in it."
Well I'm not that bad, but I'm a pretty fussy eater.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Salmon! Such discriminating tastes for a youngster!