Monday, June 8, 2009

New Week

Brian got here around nine to pick up Brendan, and they went to House Blend for scones while I had my regular appointment for a massage at ten. It's not a total indulgence because I get MLD treatments for the lymphedema in my neck which is definitely a necessity especially when the weather gets hot and humid. When my neck doesn't need as much attention, I get more massage, but when it does, not as much. Anyway, after I got home from the massage, we visited a while and then went to lunch at Mazatlan. They left for Nashville around 1:30.

Brian said everything went really well at Hypericon. They had more people attend the conference and more to play games. Melissa sold some of her art, and they had a good time. Brendan and I did, too. This is the best visit we've had. He's getting older and has learned so much at school. Melissa and Brian are diligent and consistent with him, too. He has his moments but don't we all?

Brendan and I watched part of the Tony Awards last night. I thought he'd like it because he loves music, singing, and dancing. He did. We got to see numbers from Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, Legally Blonde, Billy Elliot, and Liza Minelli. They announced that Billy Elliot's dance was a reaction to his mother's death. Brendan asked why she died. I told him she was seriously sick and that he was showing how upset he was with his dancing. He watched it and then said, "He needs his mother." He got it. He also got a kick out of some of the names he heard during acceptance speeches while he wasn't performing along with the dancers.

I bought some activity books which included various thinking and academic skills at Toys R Us that he worked on. It was fun to watch him figure things out, mark which was different, do analogies, draw shapes, spell and work math problems. He enjoys learning.

More later .... I'm going to take a nap!


frogponder said...

You had one *busy* weekend!
Interesting Brendan's empathy. Also that he can do analogies. I expect he is really, really bright.

Pseudonymph said...

I'm not surprised! I was tired just reading that. Sounds like you had one of those satisfyingly exhausting weekends.

Dan said...

It sounds like you had an amazing weekend auntie Flame.

I hope the massage is done by someone incredably hot!

Berry Blog said...

How his mind works must be simply amazing.