Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seven Deadly Sins

Maddie has a really interesting study on her blog about how the sins are distributed throughout the US. Check it out HERE. There's also a link to a quiz to see which circle of Hell you'll be in with me or others. Here are my results. I knew Sloth would edge the others out. I'm not sure which sin was affected the most by how much I eat out and use frozen dinners. I'd think Sloth but maybe that's what raised my Gluttony score since they didn't ask about chocolate.

Let me know how you did and if you put this on your blog. OK? Thanks!!



Wrath:Very Low





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mistress maddie said...

Hey Auntie-I'm glad you enjoyed it. I found it very intresting. And your such a sweet person it doesn't surprise me that wrath wasn't even hardly on your chart. But I see your lust is high? Hmmmmm. Of course Auntie, if you continue to hang with David and I ,your lust and Gluttony could go through the roof!!! LOL! A nice combo Arby's and men!

Eric Arvin said...

I took it and was told wrath would do me

mistress maddie said...

Your such a sweet person Auntie, I figrued wrath would be low on your test! But if you continue to hang with me and David your Gluttony and Lust could go through the roof.

Joy said...

Sounds great to me! Let the sinfulness begin!

Harold Shaw Jr. said...

I took the quiz, but when I attempted to click on Maddie's link for the survey it didn't work?

Anyway I was surprised that I was so low on everything...oh well guess I have to work at being bad at something :)


Joy said...

Well, maybe we should leave well enough alone and stay medium unless it becomes a case of not having anything to give up if we need to. (as Mark Twain said about that woman who had no vices who was like a sinking ship with nothing to throw overboard)

debonairdebacles said...

Lust did me in!