Saturday, June 27, 2009


I lasted two hours but it felt like ten! I was at the festival from around 1:30 until almost 3:30 and had to give up and get home. I was getting shaky and nauseated from the heat. It was 96 with over 60% humidity, so the heat index was over 100. Brian and Brendan stayed to listen to some more music but left before Brian thought they would because of the heat. Paige and Tina also felt like I did and had to go home, too.

It's a shame because the location was so good, the exhibitors had quality art, the music was entertaining, and it was well-planned. This is unseasonably hot weather for us right now and is more like late July and August. If the weather had cooperated or this had been in October, there would have been a huge crowd who stayed longer and bought some things. I felt bad for the artists, organizers, musicians, and others who worked so hard and traveled to get here for this and hope the weather is better next year for it.


mistress maddie said...

I have been to festivals before where it gets like that. You get so hot you just don't want to look at anything. But I'll tell you this, when you get in from that kind of heat, I usually take a nap and sleep so well! We are starting to get our hot weather up here now.

frogponder said...

We once had a jazz festival, 105, I was pregnant with twins. We sat in front of our doctor so we were covered if anything went wrong.
The difference is that our humidity is always pretty low so we can get away with stuff like that.

Joy said...

I'm still pretty wiped out. So was my son Brian and friends Tina and Paige.