Saturday, June 6, 2009

House Blend Farmer's Market Dinner

In my driveway before we left.

Paige, Virginia, Carl, Brendan

Enlarge by clicking the menu. Some of the words didn't completely scan - user error.

Cup of bread

Food in order on the menu
Borscht (Carl)

Beef with slaw (Me)

Lettuce & Tomato Salad (Paige)

Mixed Greens Salad (the rest of us)

Roasted Chicken (Carl)

Salmon (Paige, Virginia, Brendan)

Brendan's salmon after he started eating it

Pork Loin (Me)

Once again I'm not in the pictures. I forgot to ask someone to take any of me. I thought I took pictures of the brownie pudding (no ripe local strawberries for the shortcake) and cheesecake, but that was when Brendan had to take a break. (Sunday morning: I lied. Paige pointed out that Virginia took one of me, so since I have witnesses, here it is.)

We really enjoyed the meal and visit. I also forgot to take a picture of Holly and Jeremy (Hollemy) but will do that as soon as I get a chance. Holly uses many recipes from The Barefoot Contessa and makes them her own. Thanks again for a wonderful meal, Hollemy!!

If you live nearby, be sure to go to the next one on July 18.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the Barefoot Contessa. Maybe I should buy her cookbook.

frogponder said...

Looks very tasty. Worthy of Top Chef - which has a new show starting next week - Top Chef Masters. I'm ready, not sure if the family is ready for Daughter and I to start experimenting on them...

David Dust said...

The food looks wonderful!!!


Berry Blog said...

I really like the presentations- I'm fond of just plain white crockery. I have a few pieces left of an old good set and eat off them exclusively. I don't mind washing them over and over and over.
I really like this idea of showing the various courses in pictures. and Bredan is just a cute little button. For some reason you haven't shown many pictures of him that I have seen at least.
maybe nobody would tell you you needed to wipe your chin- hence no offers to take your picture. I would love to try that beef with slaw dish. I'm not grown up enough to eat salmon yet.
a real fun post, Joy.
XOXOXO Charlie

Joy said...

Brian said Brendan will do anything as long as salmon is involved. He loves it. They have it at home quite often.

I forget to take pictures, which is the reason I don't post them. I did have those from his birthday party in April. I'm usually involved in conversation and enjoying what's going on and later wish I'd taken pictures.

Gigi takes pictures of her meals, and I enjoy those, so it made me remember to do that. Several others of you (Jeff, MarkDE, Jimbo, Charlie) post photos of meals you prepare or from parties, and Doggy always has food pictures since he cooks all the time. Monkey see, monkey do! :-)

Joy said...

When I get my house straight and organized again, I'll post pictures of that even though they will never ever look like the perfection that is Miss Ginger's house and garden.

doggybloggy said...

great meal and a great time I am sure - the photos look good and the food looks better!

Jeff said...

The food looks terrific! :)

Jazzy said...

Food looks delicious! Would like to eat there sometime soon.

Good photos of the food and people. Also like your photo on these comments. Great shot.