Thursday, June 4, 2009


My youngest grandson Brendan will be here with me from 11:00 Friday morning until Monday morning while his parents are at Hypericon. My son Brian is one of the organizers of Hypericon in Nashville. It's a gaming and science fiction convention of geekitude. His wife Melissa exhibits her artwork there and is on panels. She has designed all of the posters for it, including this one. I've posted some of her paintings on here before. She does fantasy art and has illustrated book covers as well as books about plants. Her website is HERE.

I won't get to check blogs or update mine that often because of the highly energetic, entertaining little guy who will be here talking to me all the time and keeping me on my toes. There's a reason young people have children and we senior citizens are grandparents! Send energy!


mistress maddie said...

Enjoy your weekend Auntie Flame! We will be here when you get back! Enjoy the special time with your grandson.

frogponder said...

Hangeth in there! :-)

David Dust said...

Dear Auntie Flame -

Have fun with the little ball of energy! And try not to lose him at the Mall :)

Love You! Love Your Grandson!!