Thursday, June 11, 2009

History Trivia

George Armstrong Custer’s younger brother, Thomas Custer, was the only soldier to win two Congressional Medals of Honor during the Civil War. He joined his older brother’s regiment and also died at Little Bighorn.

Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer

Captain Thomas W. Custer, Company C commander

I'm on the side of the American Indians in all this.


Berry Blog said...

When we played as kids, I always insisted on being the near nekkid savage.It was a legitimate way to wear lipstick too I guess. My grandfather used to take me to the reservations here in Maine- he was kind of a civil rights worker for them. When I was a kid many of them here still lived in Teepees.

Jazzy said...

Ditto. I lived near a small reservation in SE Texas. Their homes where small, probably 1-room log houses set in a small clearing in the tall pines. Maybe a total of 12-15 homes. All dirt and pine needles around them with the trees towering over and blocking out the sun. I often wondered where they grew their food. Yes, I have always been for the American Indian also. I dearly loved my first pair of hand-made moccasins with the hand beading from one of the Oklahoma women I knew as a child. I cherished them and would only wear them for special occasions as not to wear them out. Oklahoma has more American Indian tribes than any other state. Much of the Oky land is reservation land and many have active oil wells. Last two times I was in Duncan I talked with and saw more American Indians than I see here in 5 or more years.