Monday, June 15, 2009

Astronomy Trivia

I'll bet Tina, Melissa, and Frogponder know this.

Aristarchus, a Greek astronomer living about 200 B.C., reportedly was the first person to declare that the Earth revolved around the sun. His theory was disregarded for hundreds of years.


Pseudonymph said...

Thanks for clearing that one up, Joy. My children think the earth revolves around them. I'll put them right.

frogponder said...

lol to Pseudonymph!

We had to take a multi-cultural ed class. We all loathed it. Actually we loathed the teacher. We had to do a multicultural lesson plan so I tried to get as far away from the subject as I could and picked science. Turned out to be a fun task as I got to document all sorts of scientific discovery, the world over and back in time.

Berry Blog said...

probably refuted today in certain Bible belts.

Joy said...

Good ones, Pseu and Charlie!

FP, that sounds interesting.