Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Are the Days of Our Lives

Check here to find out your life expectancy. I got this from David's blog (even the hourglass). Thanks!! What about yours? Let me know!

I used to say I planned to live until I was 87 but would stick around longer if I felt good and were having a good time. So it just might happen. I hope so because then I could see how the grandchildren turn out and what they are doing.

My real age - 65
Virtual age - 53.2
Average Life Expectancy - 80
My Life Expectancy - 91.8


June Saville said...

I'm with you Joy
I plan on another 30 years - so long as I'm healthy. That's 102!
June in Oz

Pseudonymph said...

Interesting exercise:
Actual age: 40
Virtual age: 17.4 (but I look old enough to sneak into a pub)
Life expectancy: 97.6

Haven't reached the halfway mark yet!

#Debi said...

I'm afraid to look...

Berry Blog said...

Biological 67
Virtual 62.7
Life Expectancy 81
My Life Expectancy 85.3

I tried to be honest.One loophole... most of the generation before me didn't last as long as I have already.But I have to remember lack of education, lack of medical care,and they used to treat cancer with X-rays fer chrissakes. Most of my syblings have passed already barely making it into their 50s. What's that old song..."will you still choose me, will you still love me...when I'm 65? ( 85)?
xoxoxo Charlie