Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Boy

Photos from the birthday party at a the Dragon Park in Nashville. The parks in Nashville are awesome, by the way! Those of you on Facebook can see all the photos on there if you'd like to.

Melissa cutting the castle cake she baked, Sally and Brian behind her, my mother and Brendan.

All in a knight's day! Grace assisting Sir Brendan.

Riley, Brendan (who said, "Oh, a Brachiasaurus!" when he opened it), Mother, and Sally

Quote: "I am Mickey the Mouse."

Brian laughing with Riley's parents, Jim & Jamie and Grace's parents, Albert & Jinjifore

Birthday Squirrel


David Dust said...

Great pictures of your adorable family!

I want to know who gave the squirrel a strawberry?!? :)


Mark in DE said...

What? No pictures of Auntie Flame?

frogponder said...

How fun!
And what a lucky squirrel.

Joy said...

Let's say Sally fed the squirrel the strawberry. I don't know. They just told me to take a picture of it.

I was the photographer and didn't think to ask someone to take any of me. I wish I had of when Brendan kept hugging me and asking to go home with me. Next time, I'll get someone to take one of me. Usually Sally takes her camera but forgot it.

Brendan used to say Mickey Mouse. I don't know where this Mickey the Mouse came from but thought it was cute.

Joy said...

My mother is 88 and has a birthday in July. She's amazing and does so well! I should be so lucky! (only it's not all luck)

#Debi said...

That's the thing I like best about being the photographer--when you're taking the photos, you don't have to be in the photos. But that's just me... :)

Joy said...

I'd like to have a record of my existence at various occasions. There are some times in the past I wish I had pictures of me, so I could show what kind of clothes I wore and all that.

Wonder Man said...

that would fun if you did