Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DWTS Dance-Off Results

The encore dance was Lil' Kim and Derek's Viennese Waltz since last night the judges said they were in complete harmony. This show is my introduction to Lil' Kim, so it's hard for me to think of her as a rapper. I hope this leads to another career for her where she can express more of her talent. She's pretty, graceful, soft-spoken, and gracious with a sweet smile. But then I've never seen her rap performances. I'm just thinking what Queen Latifah has done since she quit rapping.

Interesting that Etta James sang "At Last" which was just fine, but after her diva rant about Beyoncé singing it at the Inauguration party, I wonder if she feels any better now. Beyoncé gave a tribute to her and credit. I like the way Beyoncé sings the song. Maks and Karina danced while Etta James sang which was quite nice to watch while listening to a classic.

When Tom announced that Chuck and Julianne would be back next week, he said it had been a good week for her. That's the only time anyone has even slightly referred to her award as Rising Star at the ACM Awards.

The cast of the Las Vegas show Le Rêve performed. Impressive! They perform in water but rehearsed this dry performance for DWTS. This is the Vegas show Maks did some choreography for. Read about it here. This is what some of the performers do.

Photo: Tomasz Rossa

Then Demi Lovato sang "La La Land." I'm not familiar with her but wasn't impressed.

David Alan Grier and Lawrence Taylor had to compete in the dance-off. Of the two, I think Lawrence needs to sashay on home. His paso doble was wooden, and he doesn't have personality on the dance floor. We'll see what happens. The judges all said the music was very difficult to dance to that Lawrence and Edyta had. The judges scored David and Kym 24, and Lawrence and Edyta got a 20. Combined with the viewer votes, David leaves. Steve-O and Lawrence will go next, surely, and then two I like but aren't as good as the others, Chuck and Ty.


Wonder Man said...

interview review...I'm almost tempted to watch

Sam said...

Thanks for the recap, dont get to watch it. Joy, have you ever seen a pix of Lil' Kim before all the plastic surgery on her face? google it

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Joy said...

Thanks, WM!! :-)

Sam, I've been googling and not only see what you mean but also notice that what she's wearing on DWTS is way more than she wore to some events and performances!!! This will inspire another post.