Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just went to Gilles Marini's website and looked around. There are many wonderful photos of him there. He and his wife and their two children live in L.A. now. I like it that he has information and photos of them on his site, too. Those of you who watch the show have seen her in the audience, and that's undoubtedly who he points lovingly to when he finishes his dance. It's really sexy to me when a man speaks well of his mother and obviously loves his wife and family. You can tell a lot about a man from how he treats and talks about his mother. On Ellen's show, he said his mother was the most important woman in his life along with his wife.

There's a message board on which his wife Carole posts. She's doing what she can to help his career, too. Here is an example:
04/03/09 at 12:27 PM

Hi everyone,
to answer Glenn, no Gilles do not choose is dance, they have the new dance after Tuesday night show and start rehearsing on Wednesday, they have to know the dance for sure by Sunday. Paso Doble is very hard for Gilles, when you look at the dance, it doesn't look that hard, but actually the big boom step are full of little tricky step.

He try very hard and he's very tired like everyone else I'm sure, it's a lot of pressure for him after this perfect 10 10 10, and to keep the score he need to be very good in 4 days.

This morning he went to Extra TV, and will go rehearse right after until tonight.

Thanks to be so supportive.

The website is moderated by a Papi, David! See? Manuel Palacios, creative director

Here's a video of their hot Argentine Tango from last week. I couldn't find a good one from last night. I'll post it later when I do.


Jimbo said...

That performance was a joy to see again. Loved that you posted it. Thank you.

David Dust said...

Gilles is gorgeous ... but Papi Manuel isn't too shabby either!!