Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DWTS - Results

The encore dance was the one I hoped it would be - Team Tango. It was even better tonight than it was last night. Ty said he knew he wasn't doing well in Len's world but it was a lot better than Len would do in his world. I'm glad I got to know who he is.

Robin Thicke is the guest singer. He and Jennifer Hudson have been on several shows lately promoting their tour.

Melissa said the doctor was trying a new treatment for her cracked rib and that she hoped she could finish the competition. There are too many injuries on this show. The professional dancers did a funny PETA parody about the injuries.

Here's the order of those staying. Lil' Kim and Derek were first named. Ty and Chelsie are safe. Several of us thought he might go this week. So now who will it be? Gilles and Cheryl are staying. Team Tango dancers are all safe. The team dance might have played a big part in this. So it could be Melissa since she had that low score because of being judged on her rehearsal tape. The tension mounts!

Now for the competition for a new pro to be on the show next season. This week they changed partners. These four got the highest votes and Brent Borbon and Snow Urbin were eliminated. Afton Delgrosso and Genya Mazo danced a quickstep. Mayo Alanen and Anna Demidova did a jive. I liked this four best but am not sure which dancer I hope gets to do this.

Shawn and Mark will be back, so it's Chuck or Melissa. No dance-off? I thought they were going to do that. Awwww, it's Chuck and Julianne. :-(


Beth said...

mmmm, I love Robin thicke. yes ma'am...love him.