Saturday, April 4, 2009

Late, Late Show Horror

Do any of you watch Craig Ferguson? I do regularly. What was going on with Brittany Murphy on his show Thursday night? First of all, she looked crazy! Her lipstick was distractingly applied (hard to explain), she's rail thin (not that unusual in Hollywood), her eyes were wild, she giggled frantically, and SHE SPOKE IN A BRITISH ACCENT!! She's from New Jersey! WTF? I didn't realize she was even appearing in anything and now this! It was painful to watch. Here's what Gawker wrote about it here. There's a video of the disaster there with the article.
Brittany Murphy clearly threw Craig Ferguson off last night on the Late Late Show: Why was an actress raised in New Jersey speaking in an Irish accent? And why was she acting so loopy?

Ferguson inquired about her drinking habits (see clip at left), as did a tipster of ours, who thought Murphy was "acting quite drunk."

But the 8 Mile and Sin City actress told Ferguson she avoided alcohol. Luckily for her, there's a plausible alternate explanation for her speech: Her mother Sharon, who raised her as a single mom, was of Irish descent. To Murphy's American ears, Ferguson's Scottish accent might have sounded similar enough to her mother's to trigger any inflected speech patterns she used growing up.

As for the loopiness, it could just be nerves. Either way, Ferguson wasn't about to bring Murphy back after the commercial break. Sitting as close as he did to the actress, he may be the only one who ever knows what actually happened.

There's also a video here. Warning! It starts as soon as you get to the site.


David Dust said...

I've always heard she has a serious cocaine problem.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

She was just weird! She kinda reminded me of a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna... epsecially the way she sort of overpronounced everything the way Madonna does. That always irritates the crap outta me!

Bob said...

I'm with Miss Ginger.....I think she was trying to be Madonna Jessica Parker doing a Farrah Fawcett Late Night with David Letterman impression.
She's not really an actress, she's more of a wacktress.

Joy said...

Wactress! Perfect!!! LOL

Did you see Craig's face? Whew!

Sam said...

She reminds me of Bill's sister, sorta like a crack is whack ho. That ho is, here's some ghetto for you Joy, "Throwed the F**K off"

Beth said...

she's strange to begin with! I mean, look at her husband!!! WHEW! She's a train wreck...I wonder if she's friends with Paula Abdul?

Berry Blog said...

Fergie is so self centered himself I don't know how anyone survives his interviews. I don't know if i saw the same show, but I saw one last week where the guests to me, held their own with him matching his own wildness with their own potential madness. I probabaly saw the same show and just don't have the previous savvy of the guests to know if they were nuts or not. I think Fergie is, that's for sure.

Joy said...

I didn't know who she is married to and googled. I found out he's English, so maybe she picked it up from him. Weird.