Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DWTS - Results

There was a new part of the show tonight. We got to vote for a professional dancer to compete next season. Two of them are related to previous competitors, Afton DelGrasso who is Ashly's sister and Genya Mazo who is Alec's brother. All of the pro dancers were really good, so it was difficult to decide between them. Next week four of them will compete until we're down to the winner in a couple of weeks. I don't know who I hope wins but liked Genya Mazo, Mayo Alanen, Afton DelGrasso, and Anna Demidova the best although the others, Snow Durbin and Brent Borbon were very good, too.

Just as I predicted and hoped, Lawrence Taylor had the lowest scores this week and is leaving. Tom said he was the worst actor they've had on there because it was obvious he was ready to go and get back to the golf course. In fact, he announced that he'd be on the practice range at 9:00 in the morning and tee time would be 9:30. I'm glad, but it's going to be tough from now on.

I really want Gilles to win, so that's a given. As for Ty and Chuck, they are so cute and fun to have around, but they won't make it to the end. Melissa and Lil' Kim probably will. Shawn might.


Sam said...

Good Riddance, can not stand LT!!

mistress maddie said...

Well Joy, you have inspried me to watch the show, so next time it is on I'm watching it. I also did a post about Lil'Kim and told everyone they should read your wonderful recaps :)

Take care-
Mistress Maddie

Joy said...

Sam, I don't watch football, so all I know about him is from DWTS, and I don't like him. He seems to have no personality at all and is a little creepy.

Thank you, Mistress Maddie! I appreciate the shout out!

RookieRuggerLSU said...

Woohoo! The Bore is No More!

On a side note - I'm really starting to wonder about the choice of pros ... Chelsie, Dmitri and Lacey were all on So You Think You Can Dance ..
and so was Snow Durbin!

I liked all of them on SYTYCD ... except Snow. But is have 4 pros from the show a bit overkill? Len will explode soon if there are more ... He already has criticized Lacey for being too modern, as well as others..