Monday, April 6, 2009

More recaps

Be sure to check out Jim's recap of DWTS here. It's fun to have someone to discuss it with! :-)

Even if you don't watch Celebrity Apprentice, Charlie wrote a recap that has some points in it that can get a discussion going! Click here for it!

I took some Ny-Quil for this congestion and hope I sleep tonight! Last night was awful! I couldn't lie down without coughing and being miserable. No sleep for me! I drugged myself tonight and hope it works! I'm falling apart.


Sam said...

Sleep tight, have you ever tried those breathe right strips? The even sell them with menthol. Hope you feel better tomorrow

Berry Blog said...

Let the overhaul begin!

Bob said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Nyquil!
That's how you can tell I'm really sick, when the green bottle appears!

Feel better Joy!

Dan said...

I hope you slept well Auntie Flame.

Feel better.


Joy said...

I slept really well! What a relief! I've never thought about those breathe-right strips and will try them, Sam. Thanks!

Jimbo said...

Aw, Joy. I'm sorry you're sick. Hope you're feeling better today.