Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Career Counseling

The Somali pirates have the wrong idea. They can get killed and not necessarily be paid ransoms. Why aren't they doing email scams like the Nigerians? It can be done in the comfort of an internet cafe with relative anonymity.


Bob said...

Don't give 'em any ideas.

Side note: I am not going to get 2 million dollar by sending one-hundred-fifty to Nigeria?


Snowbrush said...

Well, obviously they don't have the book. Either that or they've seen too Captain Jack movies.

Tennessee has its share of bloggers, it seems, and they're right out there in saying that they're from Tennessee. I mean, with some bloggers, it's hard to tell where they're from, but not the Tennessee crowd. (I spent my first 37 years in Mississippi, no less.)

David Dust said...

Auntie Flame -

Let's be Pirates when we grow up! Arrrrrrrrgghhhh!!! :)


Jeff said...

Stinkin' Somali pirates, tho. Those idiots need to be shut down pronto.

Berry Blog said...

Can't help but notice the wealth from the ransoms have resulted in new sneakers for the child soldiers used. Seems to me it's not dissimilar to US spending on our own people with the latest release of funds to the economy.

Joy said...

Welcome, Snowbrush, and thanks for commenting!

I agree, Charlie, and good point! Sure, Bob, the check's in the mail! Yarrr, David! You tell 'em, Jeff!

Aled said...

Excellent book. I think I'll use it and buy a list of Nigerian emails to send to.
I got such an email this morning, it was addressed to Alfred Mr.
At least get the name right!

Joy said...

Great idea, Oxy!! Send me your bank account number, and I'll help you out!

Berry Blog said...

On another nnote, did you see where Obama used the word privacy rather than privateering. Some lingists claim he is correct while others disagree but the news media made a big joke of it.