Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woz Article

Not a pretty picture, but the guy is entertaining because he's trying so hard and having lots of fun! Besides, he really isn't the worst dancetestant who's ever been on there. How soon the judges forget Master P, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tucker Carlson, and probably more who left so soon I forgot them.

This is an interesting article in COMPUTERWORLD by Lucas Mearian. The article is here, but I've copied and pasted it all and one of the comments. Aha! Geeks are voting! But I have to answer his question about preferring to watch Gilles and Chuck - oh yes! They are totally a pleasure to look at, and I hope I get to continue doing that as long as possible.

March 24, 2009 - 11:19 A.M.
Three reasons Woz should remain on Dancing with the Stars

I've been loosely following Steve Wozniak's foray into the bizarre as a contestant on the TV show Dancing with the Stars, and while I've often agreed with the judges' assessment of Woz as a dancer, I must give the man major points for perseverance and humility in the face of insurmountable odds. Each week the judges denigrate his dancing abilities, and each week Woz shows resiliency in the face of physical injury and emotional humiliation.

So I have three reasons why we should vote to keep Woz on Dancing with the Stars:

1. He's vastly more entertaining than most of the other celebrities on that show. Would you rather watch a finely-coiffed Chuck Wicks, Gilles Marini or Shawn Johnson glide across the dance floor, or a flamenco dancer that resembles a walrus cling to a gorgeous Karina Smirnoff for dear life? Enough said.

2. He's shown more chutzpah. Not only is he dancing with a pulled hamstring and a fractured foot, but when it comes to athleticism, Woz is in a league of his own compared to the other contestants, and I believe it's the league with which most Americans can identify: couch potato. And, besides, what is Dancing with the Stars, a show judging the best dancers or the most entertaining contestants? I want entertainment.

3. He's a really humble, nice guy who revolutionized the computer industry without losing his soul.

Last night was not the first time Woz commented after his performance that the judges were being too kind in giving him 10 points out of 30. Last week, he even called himself a heel for saying the producers of the show were setting him up to win the dance off and remain on the show in order to boost ratings. Woz later retracted the accusation after inspecting the voting equipment. He's just a really honest guy.

Even if you don't like Steve Jobs and Apple, you can't hate Woz who was the engineering brains behind Apple as well as the inventor of the universal TV remote control. Woz has never lost his average Joe appeal and has always been heavily involved in philanthropic ventures, especially as they apply to technology education for children. If nothing else, give the man a vote for the remote control you're holding.

One of the comments:

Keep the Woz dancing!

Submitted by Dancer on March 24, 2009 - 6:11 P.M.

I've been a ballroom/latin dance instructor since I was 18 (and that is many, many decades ago!). I'm also a geek...been in the software biz for over 3 decades, so I feel qualified to comment.

Woz is fun to watch! I think he needs to stay for a few more rounds. Sure....there is no chance that he will (or should) win, since this is a dance competition not an "entertainment" competition, but he's more fun to watch and tries harder than the silicon-injected playboy bunny, that is so stiff (except for the jiggly bits) that she's painful to watch on the dance floor. I prefer Woz's style of silicon steps, thank you!

Or Denise Richards...easy on the eyes, but too stiff by far...no natural grace, plus she looks terrified every time. At least Woz is having fun (I would be too...how many nerds get to dance with someone as hot as his partner, after all?).

He's got chutzpah. He's got enthusiasm. And he's got grace under fire...more than I can say for the judges blunt and inconsiderate blathering when it comes to our uber-nerd/dancer.

Go Woz!


Berry Blog said...

Agreed...just love his joie de vivre. He has a great attitude and an infectious enthusiasm. He's more than just a good sport about it.
I'm glad to have company in this regard.