Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

I hope to catch up on your blogs and will do my best to read them and hope I don't blogjack your comments. (Thanks for that term, Miss Ginger). There are several appointments this week to juggle, and my aunt died last night after a long battle with liver cancer. She was my father's sister and 87 and beautiful in a classic Grace Kelly way only brunette. Her daughter and I are the same age, and she has four children and ten grandchildren. We'll go to Clarksville to the funeral home tomorrow for visitation and the funeral Wednesday. That's the Baptist Republican side of the family. Mother's side has the Methodist Democrats.

Daddy went with Mother to the Methodist Church, so I was spared the intolerance and fundamentalism that Mother had no intention of being around, much less have her children subjected to. What she told me was that she wouldn't have made a very good Baptist. I'll blog about my little country church sometime. It was a positive experience that provided me with a foundation for how to treat people. I grew up hearing heated political debates mostly between Daddy and my aunt Mae (Mother's sister) who was like a second mother. My parents probably always cancelled each other's votes. Mother didn't argue but just quietly did what she's always wanted to do. In fact, Daddy told me once that I didn't constantly have to defend myself and advised, "You need to be more like your mother, smile quietly, and then do what you damned well please." I told him I guess I was more like him. Then we laughed. He and I locked horns sometimes, had wonderful conversations, and always knew where we stood with each other. I like that.


frogponder said...

Take care! :-)

David Dust said...

So sorry to hear about your Aunt.

And please, when you go to the funeral, take your Daddy's advice. Smile, be polite, and be nice to the Republicans.


Joy said...

Oh for sure, David! I'm Southern, and we're polite and sincere whether we mean it or not. :-)

#Debi said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Jimbo said...

Sorry for your loss, Joy.

Berry Blog said...

I think I've got the family mixed up again. How can it be? I know what a great love your Aunt Mae has been for's gotta be hard this past year.

Will somebody tell me what blogjacking is?