Friday, March 20, 2009


I had an echocardiogram today because my oncologist Dr. Eeyore keeps making me get tests. I had this ten years ago because of a heart murmur which was the result of the mitral valve not doing something exactly right. Otherwise, everything was normal. This brings me to two things I don't like to do.

One: I do not like to have medical tests unless everything is normal. I do not want to have any more illnesses, diseases, or conditions. I've already survived cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma) and have diabetes, which I can make go into hiding if I'll just lose weight and exercise. Yeah, I know! You'd think that would motivate me. My brother sees the cardiologist where I had the test. I'm just fine to let him have the heart stuff and me to have had cancer. Let's leave it at that.

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Two: I don't like to have to get dressed for something that requires me to undress. Of course, there are no reasonable alternatives, so I just bitch about it. Most medical tests just require partial undressing, which isn't quite as bad. Shopping is a little more "disrobey." Massages, on the other hand, which I have regularly, are another matter. I shower (naked of course), get dressed, go to the massage place, undress (naked again), have a massage, get dressed again, go home. Then if I need to go somewhere, I have to fix my make-up and hair and probably change clothes again because I usually dress in something very casual that I don't mind the massage oil getting on. I like to keep my clothes on from the time I leave the house until I get back home.

This makes me think about the difference in being naked (can be physical or emotional) and nekkid (up to something). So what is it when someone is nude? That's more of a description of a painting or statue, I guess. Then there are other descriptions like undressed, unclothed, bare-assed nekkid, buck-nekkid, naked as a jaybird, and any others you can think of? I'm sure Sam has some!

I just needed to bitch a bit. Now discuss the connotation of the naked words amongst yourselves!


David Dust said...

I don't like getting naked ... ever. Even when I'm by myself.

And If and when I'm ever lucky enough to have actual sex with someone, I try to keep as many articles of clothing on as possible.


Bob said...

I agree with you.
Showering or bathing is naked.
The fun stuff is nekkid.

Jazzy said...

I see you used butt-nekkid...what about that the same only a male??? Or, just a little more Texan/Okie/Cajun? I'm with all of you...only I used to enjoy sunning in the buff (well hidden) but those days are long way to hide safley enough any longer. I would be so nervous thinking about the satelites that can count the hairs in our eyebrows. EEEEK! Just imagine!

Dancers are so used to walking around almost nude backstage while making 30-second costume changes that they become immune to what anyone looks like but that was a long time ago and I'm way toooo conscious of the effects of aging and gravity today. I don't even like to wear walking shorts anylonger. Linda

Berry Blog said...

I used to get embarassed when I was young because I got aroused every time I got naked. Now I'm embarassed cause I don't.