Monday, March 16, 2009

Car Update

The service center owner called while ago and said it is what sounded like the idler control valve, I think. They will get the part in the morning. He said with parts and labor it will cost around $220. Could be worse. I'm just glad it didn't happen out on the interstate or somewhere else really inconvenient and that I have the money to afford to get it fixed. It's a '99 model and hasn't cost me much money in repairs. This is cheaper than a car payment, so I'll keep it until it starts to cost too much. That's what I do.


Wonder Man said...

that's pretty good

Bob said...

My car, whom I call Leonora, is in the shop today as well, to fix a problem that was supposed to be fixed two weeks ago.
Now, it's fixed and the price, thankfully, is Zero!

I hate car troubles!
Even the cheap variety.

Marker said...

I can't go near the dealer where I get my car serviced without at least $1000 disappearing from my pocket - $200 is great!

I need to find a trustworthy "neighborhood" mechanic like my parents had, but I fear that is a thing of the past.

Vicki said...

My car kept your car company today! She was in for an oil change and checking a leak. And she got her cruise control fixed! Sorry you have to wait another day to have yours back home.

Berry Blog said...

Lucky break. Mine is a 99 Buick Century- the teacher's model of a good car. It has served me well, but I have to get the A/C checked out this Spring. coupla hundred ain't bad unless they also warn ya that "pretty soon you ought to get this or that taken care of".