Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aunt Polly

Mother, Butch, Janelle, and I went to the funeral home this evening. It's too bad that it takes s0mething like this to get together with relatives we haven't seen for a while. The last time some of us saw each other was at weddings. Mother and I went to the hospital to see Aunt Polly when she was there for surgery, but that was too long ago. She was my father's younger sister. I loved her and will miss her.

Aunt Polly went to Peabody College and majored in English. It runs in the family - my son and I both majored in it, too. Their older brother was an English and drama professor in Henderson State College in Arkansas. I loved him so much! Uncle Jim made life so interesting when he was around. He could tell quite a story and make it even more dramatic than it probably happened. He was probably gay, but no one talked about it back then. If he were, I wish he could have lived his life authentically and without prejudice.

My aunt met Uncle Sam when he was at Vanderbilt. He went there to medical school, too, and became the first pediatrician in Clarksville. Their daughter Betty is seven months older than I am, and I have so many memories of visiting her and our being at our grandparents together. Then there are family holidays with the traditions that go with them. Now Betty and I are grandparents. Where does the time go?

Aunt Polly was beautiful, gracious, and elegant. She had class and a great sense of humor. The last time I talked with her was to ask questions for the Heritage Book that was published for Dickson County. I took notes and wrote it for the book. She was meticulous about her appearance and was always well-groomed and well-dressed. I can visualize her now laughing and discussing art, books, family, and life.

Betty and her husband Jimmy have four children - Jim, Sam, Courtney, and Bill. All of them are in the family construction business except Sam who is a diagnostic radiologist. They are all married and have children. It was really good to see them and get reacquainted. I fully intend to keep in touch with them and hope we all do.

Jim and I had some humorous exchanges about my blog. I told him he wouldn't agree with anything on it. He smiled and asked, "Are you a liberal?" I told him, "Oh, yes!" He says he's going to read it and leave a comment. I hope he does. I like him and Sam a lot. I'll get email addresses tomorrow and see if I can be in touch with Sam, too. He's great - so kind and thoughtful. I chatted with Courtney and really enjoyed it but didn't get a chance to talk with Bill that much. So, Jim, Sam, and Courtney, if you get here, please let me know! :-) They have a close, loving family. Jimmy said none of them gave them any trouble and were good kids. Same with Brian. He's always been that way, too.

Now I need to go look for pictures to take of my children and grandchildren since most of them are on the computer. I really need to print some out sometime. Butch and Janelle had theirs, but bad grandmother me had nothing! I must get something together!


Anonymous said...

Well Joy I found your blog and I thank you for the kind words. I really enjoyed getting to see you and your family. I'll be checking out your blog. Hope you have a great day

Berry Blog said...

I love your family history stuff.
Probably the only family I know who's family Bible is probably entitled "Warriner's"

Joy said...

Thanks, Courtney! Me, too!

Funny one, Charlie! :-)

Joy said...

Sorry, Jim, I thought Courtney made that comment! Thanks! We will definitely be in touch!