Saturday, March 14, 2009


If any of you are on Facebook, add me as a friend if you'd like to. Be sure to send a message telling me how we know each other. My name is Joy Durham. Thanks!

I'm already friends on there with Charlie, Chris, Hope, Vicki, Jim, and Dan. Many former students are in touch, as are Charlie's, and I've really enjoyed connecting with them. No matter what some of you say, I like FB. It's great reconnecting and keeping up with family, friends, and others. I also have some fun Scrabble games going on with my son, daughter-in-law, Charlie, Hope, and Chris.


David Dust said...

I'll add you as a friend - but I NEVER spend any time on Facebook. I spend all my time trying to put out a fabulous blog.

Besides, aye dunt noe how too spel gud, so Scrabble is out of the question.


Joy said...

Yes, an abfab blog!

Funny! You are a lolcat!

David Dust said...

Facebook: DO NOT WANT!



Joy said...

I will not bother you on Facebook! I will bother you on your blog, though! Always!!!


RookieRuggerLSU said...

I am a big fan of FaceBook. As a disabled person, it has been a great way for me to connect to people and I have found a lot of my good friends from high school that I had lost touch with. And yes Joy, I added you. Although I must say - do you know how many Joy Durhams I had to search through to find you?!?!

And thank you for stopping by my blog :) I know I've left comments on yours before - sometimes I'm really quiet and no one notices I have been there. ha!

Joy said...

Thanks for the response! :-)

mistress maddie said...

I have been told to start a Facebook but haven't gone to the dark side yet.LOL! Beside I don't have the spare time, but if I ever do I am friending you first my dear!

Joy said...

Thank you, Mistress Maddie! I'm honored. :-)