Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Job Description

This LOL Cat reminded me of a part of my former career you might not have considered. Probably when you think about teachers you've had, the good, the bad, and the ugly come to mind. Maybe you think about some who were inspiring and some who should have never gone into teaching at all. Occasionally I have those teacher dreams that are really nightmares because they usually involve not being prepared, having no control over the class, not being able to find my classroom, and such as that. We teachers all recognize the categories, and those of you in other professions have your variations of them.

I enjoyed teaching when I did it but wouldn't go back to it for anything. Well, that's not entirely true. I'd teach high school another year for Oprah's money she makes in a year. However, I wouldn't teach pre-school for hers and Bill Gates's money! First of all, I don't know how, and secondly, it really would be a nightmare! We all have our limits.

When I retired, I was happy to know I'd never have to give another group of people permission to get a drink of water or go to the restroom. How weird is that in a job? Who else has to do that? Explaining things for a living is one thing, but that is weird. The part of teaching I disliked the most was being in charge of the behavior of other people. I did it, of course, because it's part of the job. I definitely preferred teaching those college classes where they come in, sit down, stay quiet, and do their work without my having to remind them or correct/punish them. I like teaching but not a lot of the other stuff that goes with it. And I LOVE retirement!!!


Wonder Man said...

I wonder how I will feel when I retire

Pseudonymph said...

But do you still feel the need to correct things that need correcting? On my favourite Spicks and Specks last night they had an album cover that featured the word your'e. It just about drove me batty (not a long trip)!
And sorry for starting a sentence with But. And one with And. I should leave before I get into trouble!

Berry Blog said...

I still have the dreams, same types as you mention. I sometimes go on long j0urneys across towns, buildings, mazes, trying to get to class on time.
One that haunts me is not making it to final exams in college course and suddenly realize that there are a couple of courses I never attended classes. i wake up and have to remember, I already have my degree. It's okay.
I don't have many L/A pet peeves. I can tolerate mispellings, misuses, etc. pretty well.

Debster said...

I just see links to two videos about Craig Ferguson which are unavailable ...

Eric Arvin said...

I thought of going into teaching at one time, but quickly decided against it. Where would I find the time to write?

Sylvia K said...

I loved teaching while and when I did it and I taught everything from kindergarten to high school. But that was way back when -- you know when you could expect good behavior from students, the back-up from their parents when they didn't behave. When you could give a child a hug without being reported as a child molester, when kids actually liked most of their teachers, when it was fun and challenging. It stopped being that many years ago and I stopped teaching and got a regular job. Had two in my last working years that were the absolute best and I din't retire until I was 67 and only then because the company got caught up in the Japanese financial crunch of 1999. And, I still found time to write eight books for fun and games. Yep, been a great life!

frogponder said...

What always amazes me is what we (as in Education with a big 'E') think we can get away with regarding children that we would never subject their parents to -
A building that is either freezing cold or broiling hot.
Control their bathroom breaks and only allow them water and food when we decide it is okay.
Having them do mind numbingly irrelevant tasks to keep them busy.
Ridiculing them in front of their peers.
Force them to work at things they fail at again and again and blame it on them.

Can you imagine a middle class adult putting up with that?

I'm not saying all education is that way but it is seen as that way for the kids I work with and they are angry.

David Dust said...

I always thought about going into teaching myself. I LOVE sharing knowledge with others (one of the reasons I blog) - but I wouldn't be able to deal with the behavior/discipline aspect of the job.

And the first time a student called me "fat", I would just die.


Sam said...

Joy, teaching takes a special person. when I started driving a truck I trained two students back to back. Learned two things about myself. One, I'm a horrible teacher, and two some people were never meant to get under the wheel of any motorized vehicle.

Joy said...

Wonder Man: I hope you enjoy both your career and your retirement from it!

Pseu: I always notice misspellings and mistakes. Mostly it's an observation more than a judgment, depending on the source. The one that drives me crazy the most is "between/for you and I."

Charlie: Yep, those are a couple of them!

Debster: Thanks for letting me know. I guess they've expired.

Eric: In Stephen King's memoir On Writing, he wrote that he taught English for a while and said it sucked away his soul and gave him no time and energy to write. (or something like that)

Sylvia: All of that is so true! It's changed so much that I don't think I'd go into it now.

FP: You have a point about some teachers and situations. Fortunately, not all of them.

David: I know! They can be ruthless!

Sam: It's always good to learn, right? :-)

Beth said...

I think teachers are special people. and it's a hard job to do...but ya, the bathroom thing IS strange! ;)