Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DWTS Results

This will be short and sweet! New twist on the show is that the bottom two dancetestants compete by dancing for the judges. The two couples competing in the dance-off were Belinda Carlisle & Jonathan Roberts and Steve Wozniak & Karina Smirnoff.

Belinda and Jonathan performed a salsa, and she did a little better on parts of it but not much praise from the judges who gave her 5/6/6 = 17, which is one less than last night.

Steve and Karina danced the quickstep. He just has so much fun doing this that it's fun to watch him. Frankly, I think he danced better than Belinda did. The crowd loved it! The judges said they enjoyed watching him, too, and that he's not a good dancer but has a great attitude. His scores were 6/5/6 = 17.

Well, the judges sort of copped out by giving them tied scores. Now it's up to the audience votes. While waiting for the announcement, Belinda stuck her tongue out at Karina and Steve which wasn't cool or funny but sort of fell flat. Instant karma got her for that, and she's the first eliminated. I wish karma could always work that fast! There have been many times that would have been so satisfying! But I digress! The Go-Go is Gone-Gone!


Berry Blog said...

Somehow missed that very segment.Thanks for sharing.I'll be glad when more go as I really am not a good judge myself yet think the judges could be more discreet in their comments.I still don't like that flamer's dramatics. He needs to get his own show and realize through ratings just what people think of him.