Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Some of the dancetestants on DWTS hit the spray tan too much!


June Saville said...

In Australia the culture is changed - he who has a tan is looked upon as being foolhardy. Sun cancer is too prevalant with the hole in the ozone layer.
June in Oz

Dan said...

I work inside from 730 am till 6 pm. I have no shame in admitting I hit the booth 10 minutes a week. I am far from tan, but I have a nice glow and getting some much needed vitamin D.

Joy said...

I'm quite white (English ancestry) and never liked to sun worship (don't like to be hot and sweaty) and have never been in a tanning bed (seems too much like lying in a microwave). I don't tan anyway, just burn, so I wear sunscreen. Even when I get a tan from being outside occasionally, I just manage to look like other people do normally and have to show tan lines to prove the difference.

Good to hear that, June. Aside from health reasons, I don't like that leathery look from tanning.

Dan, that sounds like a plan! It works for you! A healthy glow looks good.

Berry Blog said...

I tan too easily and get very dark. I have laid off in recent years. That growth I got on my shin the report said was from too much sun. After that ugly surgery with the huge scar, you can bet I'll be more careful this summer than ever.
Tanning spray...is that how those guys look so artificial on DWTS? I shouldn't be so surprised.

mistress maddie said...

It was either to much time tanning or the nozzle of the spray tanner got stuck! I'm right there with you. I like to tan also but make it look natural at least. Pic above is funny.