Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DWTS Results

Musical guests Hall & Oates sang "Maneater" while Karina danced with Maks, Dmitry, and Tony. Enjoyable in several ways! Adele sang "Chasing Pavement" while real-life husband and wife Alex and Edyta danced.

I got my wishes! Denise and Holly are in the bottom two! The Woz doesn't become "A Was" this week. I know he doesn't dance that well, but Len and Bruno didn't have to be that mean to him. One of the blonde dwarf stars will go now. Let the dance-off begin!

Holly the Matchstick Bimbo made some improvement according to the judges, but I didn't see that much. Actually they didn't either with 6/6/6 = 18 and one point higher than last night.

Denise the Come-to-Life Stunned Barbie did improve some, too. She's still so stiff and awkward. Bruno appealed to her as an actress and said she should perform as a character, but she's not a good actress either. Maksim looks bored with her like I've felt on some miserable dates I couldn't wait to get away from. I have stories! The judges thought she did better than Holly, apparently since they gave her 6/7/7 = 20. Or perhaps they learn what the viewer vote results are and vote accordingly.

Now they factor in the viewers' votes. It's Denise. Next week a double elimination! It's probably between the Steves and Holly. All three of them should go next in whatever order happens. Apparently Jackass has lots of fans, and computer geeks know how to send in the votes! So who knows? What do you think?

While I'm on a Barbie roll, check this out. Malibu Barbies.

What is it they say? Money can't buy class (or taste)!


#Debi said...

Why would you rag on Malibu Barbie like that? What has she done to you, to compare her with that? :D

Bob said...

I agree.
Denise Richards? L-O-S-E-R.
Barbie? FantasticIcon.
Paris Hilton? My eyes!!!

Joy said...

I went too far, Debi? Nothing against Malibu Barbie - she's OK. It's her imitators!

Sorry about your eyes, Bob. I'll warn you if there's a next time.

Jimbo said...

I agree with you about Holly, she's just a waste of space on the show. I'm glad Denise is gone, she seemed to be a burden, too. Always looked sad and clueless.

Not very pleased that Woz is still around, and not for the reason you might think. I think he's taking it seriously but not enough. He isn't showing any real progress. There is no grace to his movements. I don't think that's his fault, he just isn't a graceful man.

Bring on Gilles and Chuck. They're pretty!

New dances next week!!! YAY!

Joy said...

Oh yes about Gilles and Chuck! They need to stay as long as possible!

I'm always ready for the bottom ones to leave, so I can watch the better dancers. I hoped Belinda would get to stay longer. She was better than some who are still on there.

It will be good when Holly and the Steves are gone. It's painful to watch some of them. I just thought the judges were really mean to Woz, much more than they were to some others who were just as bad or worse. He seems unnaturally cheerful.

ell said...

I'm glad Denise is gone, too.

I thought the judges were far more harsh to Woz than was necessary. I can't believe they gave both Denise and Holly higher scores. Other than looks, I thought they were all equal in the bad and painful scale.