Friday, March 20, 2009

Town Losers

Oregon Town Unites In Version Of The Biggest Loser

In the tiny town of Fossil, Ore., close to 20 percent of the population has embarked on a homegrown weight-loss contest. So far, the 80 contestants have shed a total of more than 600 pounds. And townspeople have to leave town to cheat. As one resident says, "It's 20 miles to the next Twinkie." Story Here

Howard Berkes/NPR

Physician assistant Debbie Boettner leads the weight-loss effort in Fossil, Ore., including nightly aerobics workouts in the town's grade school gym.

This is a great idea and accomplishes several good things - healthier people, a feeling of community, and a common goal.

I need to move there!!! Or maybe our town could do this. It takes a village, you know!


David Dust said...

Do you think I could get all the stores in Manhattan to stop selling Twinkies?...


frogponder said...

Daughter was explaining, to one of our adult students, why we have to have our wisdom teeth pulled. She went into the work the teeth had to so before cooking was common and the fact that we lost teeth along the way. Then she said we eat such soft food, comparatively, in modern times... like Twinkies!

Beth said...

"20 miles to the next Twinkie"!!!! Maybe that's what I need to do!

Joy said...

I might need to move to that town!!!

Mark in DE said...

That IS a good idea!