Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Woe and Confess

After looking at Miss Ginger's organized shelves, drooling over photos of Doggy's food, checking out Jeff's meals, and noticing so many neat, well-decorated, gorgeous homes, I must confess that I am Oscar Madison. Remember when I said the only thing about me that's domestic is that I was born in this country? It's becoming more and more apparent, sadly. Do I need a Felix Unger?


David Dust said...

I know it's a sin, but I get SOOOO jealous of all these neat and fabulous bloggers. I wish my life was like that.

I can't even get a load of laundry washed.


Sam said...

What I would give to be that organized, my truck looks like a bomb went off inside it.
You are not alone
Let's Ride

Berry Blog said...

Just talk Sally into visiting more often, but not live in.

Marker said...

Soul mate!

Inside I know I am a Felix Unger . . . but at right now, externally I am totally Oscar.

Seriously, once or twice I have actually walked into my apartment after being away for a few days on a trip and thought for a few seconds - did I leave it this way or has someone ransacked the place?

Joy said...

Yes, Marker! Soul Mates! I'm really a perfectionist but since I can't do it right just don't do it. Crazy, I know!

Our inner Felix Unger needs to give us a break and let us get something done. I so know that ransacked feeling you described.

Once I get things under control again, I can keep it that way.