Monday, August 4, 2008

Zumba Revisited

Jackie has been a good influence on me while she's been here. We went to the Zumba class at my gym this evening and liked the pace of the class. I'll go back. I'm also going to take a strength-training class which is right before it on Monday nights. There is another Zumba class on Wednesday mornings I can take, too. This is one of those first steps that begins a long journey moments. Attending those classes will help me go in and exercise on other days and do more cardio. Then I'll start watching what I eat because when I've done this before, I didn't want to mess up all the benefits I gained from exercising by eating wrong food. I hope that's what happens this time. I remember enjoying working out and missing it when I didn't go.

The women in the class were all ages, shapes, and sizes without being full of Barbies. Some were in great shape, but others were getting there. A couple were more like me.


Chris said...

The graphic is hysterical.

Berry Blog said...

and you will be entering the women's division of WWE as...? Never hurts to make a little extra cash.

Dan said...

I love that you are doing this! Good for you.

David Dust said...

That is wonderful. I wish I could get off my ass.

By the way, is "pear" a shape?