Friday, August 29, 2008


I thought the speeches at the Democratic National Convention were outstanding. I cried during Michelle Obama's and blubbered all during Beau Biden's speeches. He's being deployed to Iraq this fall. How can the State Attorney General be sent? I hope he doesn't have to go because the others will be back, but that's too soon, I know. Please don't let anything happen to him. Joe Biden already lost his wife and daughter and almost his two sons.

Barack Obama's speech last night was so good it could have been written by Aaron Sorkin. I hope he did have input into it, and he could have. It was right out of West Wing and The American President, which Sorkin wrote, but was not fiction. It looks as if we might have a president like Jeb Bartlett only better because it's real life!

I don't plan to watch the Republican Convention because they'll just piss me off, but I did notice that McSame chose Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. This will be interesting.


Berry Blog said...

Ha ha...I get my news first from you. Didn't know that Alaskan gal was chosen- anti gay marriage and all. youngest governor they've ever had and down to business.
I'm going to watch the Repubs because i want to now what answers they'll pop up with. You know I love to see how politicians twist words around.

Beth said...

I'm not watching the republicans either...who cares. But Obama's speech???? WOW. I cried and was just in awe of him, and he is JUST what our country needs.

He just HAS to win in November.

Joy said...

Yes, he HAS to. If not, we'll all have to move to Canada! OK?

I was so proud listening to his speech and in awe, too! Wow!