Friday, August 15, 2008

The Kenley-Bettie Page-Veronica Connection

Kenley Collins, who is on this season's Project Runway, definitely has the look of pin-up star Bettie Page and Veronica from the Archie comic books.


Bettie Page


Bettie Page



Bettie Page


Berry Blog said...

ha ha ha..whatever kicked in that set of memory cells? Nice bit of picture research.

Chris said...

She definitely has the look, or rather the influence of the look. However, I don't get the sexual vibe from Kenley.

David Dust said...

Auntie Flame -

Unless Kenley straightens up soon, she will be forever known as STANKLEY in my book...

Excellent research, my dear!


David Dust said...

I know ... new avatar...


Joy said...

Stankley indeed!

I agree with you, Chris.

Baby Bully Bunny!

SailorAlphaCentauri said...

Why does she have to have Veronica's attitude along with her look?

Stank isn't part of the package, Kenley.

Matt Tauber said...

I see now that you've beat me to it! I posted a similar comparison on my own site. I didn't see the Veronica connection at first, but was actually thinking more Katy Keene.