Sunday, August 3, 2008

Design Star - The Finale

We've been waiting and wondering to see not only who wins but if Mikey V. would be on. NO, HE ISN'T!! We heard they uninvited him because he'd appeared in porn videos. This sucks and is just wrong! They invited him back to help the finalists but not for this last show of the season. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Clive just glossed over it and said he couldn't be there. Well!

Matt and Jennifer are both so nice and were supportive of each other during their final design. Tracee is still delusional and said she only got positive emails and comments. Well, I doubt most people would bother to email her to say something bad. Who knew Tracee and Stephanie (Jennifer Coolidge) became such good friends?

I'm having trouble enjoying it because of what they did to Mikey V. Seeing him in some of the clips made me sad. At least they didn't totally ignore him. He should have been allowed to be on this finale.

The New Orleans families were there, and I'm glad they gave them gift certificates to help with what needs to be done on their houses. I hoped they would do something for those other rooms.

Jennifer won, so she'll have her own show which unfortunately is on HGTV. I like many shows on there but will never feel the same about them. I hope David Dust has another interview with Matt to find out how this has had an impact on his design business. It brought his family together, so that's great. I also hope DD finds out what went on with Mikey V and not being on this show.

OMG!! I kept the TV on while writing this and noticed a new show, Summer Showdown, where Design Star judges Vern Yip and Cynthia Rowley with carpenters James Lunday and Steve Hannaman are competing against each other to redo identical rooms. Now here's the OMG part! Sparkle Josh is one of the judges! They voted him off of Design Star!


David Dust said...

A wise man once said:


What a wise, wise man... And a "sexy beast", if you believe the graffiti in NYC!