Saturday, August 9, 2008

Catching Up

I've had such a busy week that I've barely had time to read blogs much less post anything. We had a small turnout for this election, as expected. There were almost 140 who voted at our precinct which usually has 600-700+ voters. So we had a restful day sitting around talking and then walking around and waiting. I worked several crossword puzzles and filled out some paperwork I needed to do.

I went to Creek Wood Friday afternoon to confer with Lillian, the teacher I'm mentoring. She's doing a good job and has great instincts. It's so hard the first year and can be overwhelming, but her attitude will help her get through it. We need good teachers, and she's already better than some who have been teaching a while. I hope she'll stay in the profession for the kids' sake.

I'm so glad I'm doing this at a school where I taught and know about. I've known Janie, the principal, for ages, and that definitely helps, too. If I do this again, there are things I'm learning that I'll continue and some I'll change. This is new for me, too.

After CWHS, I went by Mother's for some of her homemade vegetable soup made with fresh vegetables from neighbors' gardens. That soup and some hot-water cornbread tasted like home! We had a good visit, too.

Last night was the awesome experience of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! Beautiful, intricate, and precise! Wow! That little boy who saved other students in his school after the earthquake was so cute and poised.

Today I've been watching the games while getting chores done and searching the net for sites and math activities for Lillian. When the US bicyclists arrived in Beijing, they wore masks because of the pollution. I wonder why they aren't wearing them during the race.

The women's beach volleyball outfits are definitely scanty as always. The US won all three medals for the women's fencing team. How horrible for the coach of the men's volleyball team that his father-in-law was killed when he and his mother-in-law were stabbed. The women's indoor volleyball coach is from China and treated like a rock star since she was an outstanding athlete.

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