Monday, August 11, 2008

Going Postal

I rushed to the post office about a half hour before it closed because something I needed to mail needed more postage than a stamp. I was surprised to see a line inside and a woman standing outside the door where the workers are. When I looked inside, I said something about not expecting to see so many people there. We struck up a conversation while we were waiting. Some large man with neat clothes was behind us and remained outside when others left and made room for us to go inside. A little later he huffed in and said something to me about how it was cooler in that part. I said, "Not really." He glared at this younger, clean-cut guy holding his daughter who looked to be around two or three maybe. They stared at each other like they were simmering and about to blow up. The big older guy hmphed in a terse voice and nodded toward the younger, fit dad, "HE was impatient!" To which the other guy hissed that he was holding a baby. It got pretty tense, but fortunately that was the end of it. I quietly told the woman ahead of me that I was glad they didn't have a fight because it would have been such a cliché. She laughed. I mentioned that I'd decided not to bring that up to the guys and didn't want to interact with them. She and I continued our conversation on safe topics without making eye contact with those men. Good grief!


Chris said...

The post office is a great indicator of just how crappy the economy is. I remember as a kid you could go to the post office and seemingly purchase one of everything in the store for about 85 cents - not anymore.

Dan said...

I would have loved me some Postal action! Now that you are working out, you would have been on the news for breaking up a fight between two mediocre heterosexual males!

Berry Blog said...

Such a clever line. too bad the two men couldn't be in a frame of mind to appreciate it. I'm surprised that there was a line in lil ol' Dickson! Of course we get it even here in lil old Bog Hoot. Our Clerk is the proverbial molasses and in no hurry to help anyone in the first place.
This is fun real life hilarous. wonder how many kids in your career caught your quiet little aside quips unbeknownst to

Joy said...

Oh, that would have been newsworthy for sure, Dan!

Several kids caught my humor, Charlie.

You can't even get but almost a couple of stamps now for 85 cents, Chris.