Saturday, August 16, 2008

August Farmer's Market Dinner at House Blend

Holly and Jeremy Spencer did it again with a delicious meal! There will be one more this season on September 27. Our group included Paige,Tina, Jackie, her husband Ed, their daughter Chloe, Chloe's friend Marleze, and me. We were the loudest table there because we kept laughing so much. We think we're funny. Only a few people looked over at us, thank goodness!

Here's the menu with an asterisk by what I ordered. What would you have chosen?


Field Pea Hummus served with parmesan pita points
BLT Bruschetta with basil-garlic aioli *


Heirloom Tomatoes with house-made green goddess dressing*
Watermelon and Prosciutto Salad on organic baby arugula

ENTREES (with choice of salad)

Savory Greek Torte
Layered hummus, tabouli, roasted eggplant with tomatoes, with a savory feta crust. Served with marinated chicken skewer.
Pepper Peach Shrimp
Sauteed with organic red peppers, Roma tomatoes, and peaches. Served atop sharp-cheddar grit cakes with a spicy peach chutney.
Roasted Pork Chops *
Roasted until tender and topped with green apple and golden raisin compote. Served aside butternut squash cornbread dressing.


Sparkling Peach Floats *
Key Lime Pie


David Dust said...

Dearest Auntie Flame -

I would have ordered everything you did - except I would have ordered the watermelon/proscuitto salad.

What is this dinner? Is it at a restaurant - or someone's house? Tell me more!


Joy said...

It's at a coffee shop named House Blend. Once a month during the summer they have had meals prepared with as much local produce as possible. My hometown has a motto they've plastered all over about Shop Local, Buy Local, Play Local, Be Local or something like that.

These dinners are by reservation only, and you reserve your seating time. I've been to all of them but one and plan to go to the last one in September. I hope they do many more of these. Our small town doesn't have places where we can get meals like this. We have to go to Nashville for that. When nice restaurants come here, they seem to go out of business because most people around here eat at meat-and-three or fast food places.

Jeremy and his wife Holly opened this coffee shop several years ago. It's decorated well with coordinated furniture, etc. They have neat gifts, sandwiches, salads, muffins, and other food you can find at many upscale places. Of course, they have all kinds of coffee, lattes, teas, etc, too.

Jeremy is a former student with a degree in English. See? Liberal Arts degrees are quite versatile!

Joy said...

Oh, I meant to add that I wished I'd gotten the watermelon/proscuitto salad. Ed got it and said it was really good. Mine was, too, but that was my only regret. All of us managed to get everything on the menu, so we could see how good it all looked.


David Dust said...

It sounds like fun!

And I absolutely adore proscuitto and melon - it is one of my favorite things.


Berry Blog said...

What? comments before mine? what am I sleeping my life away? I melted on the peach shrimp and the pork chops.I'd have starved as you guys were leaving, still trying to decide. I think i would have gone for the same salad as you and David.
Of course I will be at Rick's this noon feasting on hot dogs, turkey burgers and chicken legs, sheet cake...if I make it through any of it I will be making a bee line for my car. I've got plenty of excuses to be anti-social now and don't have to even broach "old guy".
Drooling over your meal...

doggybloggy said...

yeah the salad sounded good and I probably would have went with the shrimp...

Chris said...

BLT Bruschetta with basil-garlic aioli

Watermelon and Prosciutto Salad on organic baby arugula

Pepper Peach Shrimp
Sauteed with organic red peppers, Roma tomatoes, and peaches. Served atop sharp-cheddar grit cakes with a spicy peach chutney

Sparkling Peach Floats

Joy said...

I wanted it all but had to restrain myself. LOL