Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Say No to Hurricanes!

David and Dan are heading to New Orleans, and we hope Hurricane Gustav isn't going to meet them there! For one thing, New Orleans has been through more than enough and doesn't need that again! The levees continue to be in deplorable condition, and the Katrina devastation is ongoing. That was THREE YEARS AGO!

Gathering material by going through this isn't worth even the best David Dust story or recap! So Gustav needs to stay away from land and scurry back out to sea. So let the good times roll, or as they say in the Crescent City, "Laissez le bon temps rouler!"

Update: David decided not to go. I am relieved. I know he has to be disappointed, but he doesn't need to be foolhardy. I sincerely hope that hurricane by-passes the coast. They have been through too much already, and I'm glad David won't be in the middle of it if it happens.


David Dust said...

Keep praying!

I am going to take a look at the news tomorrow morning, and make my final determination as to whether or not I'm going. I am just a MESS about this.

Joy said...

I can imagine!! xoxoxo

Berry Blog said...

Well you know it's God's way of punishing gays and everybody who ennables them. Hey! I'm being sarcastic Beth...gimme a break. lol
I really hope there's not a raindrop in the sky. Anxious for both of them to be sending us picts and stories. Spose Joe will be there too?