Saturday, August 23, 2008


Just heard about Joe Biden as Obama's VP. I was for him at the beginning of the interminable primary and am glad he'll be on the ticket. He'll add some fun and fire to the race.


Berry Blog said...

Just learned this morning. Had company last night and that always helps me sleep soundly. Glad to awake to a stimulating topic. How long before the media does overkill on this topic?
What a fortunate summer to have the Olympics on and followed by the national party conventions in an exciting election year- and to be retired so I can see it all!

Joy said...

Oh, they've already worn me out, and I just watched TV coverage for a little while.

Chris said...

Jo Biden has tried several times to get into the white house and this time, he will succeed. he has vast experience in the trenches and will be an asset to the much younger Obama and he forges his way into the history books.

Obama/Biden 2008!!!

Joy said...