Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Red Rock Crossing

Check out the photo of one of my favorite places to be - central Arizona - here and at the bottom of the page. I always wish I were there especially this time of year because it's 15-20 degrees cooler in Flagstaff during the summer than it is here and with wonderfully low humidity! They complain when the humidity is 30%, so they have no idea what this muggy, oppressive heat and humidity is like! I've never felt as good in my life as I did when I was there and even kept wanting to be outside moving around. They don't have to turn on air conditioners except maybe for a short time in the afternoon, and many people don't have them but instead use those swamp coolers. It's cool at night so that you can sleep with windows open with cover. We'd die here if we tried that! The windows can stay open during the day, too. Oak Creek Canyon is green all around it, and there are pines there, too. Sedona has those red rocks that make you feel as if you're in a Western since so many of them were filmed there. Jerome, a ghost town, is now an artist colony with neat shops. I just love being in Arizona and would have a summer home there if I could afford it. How can I work that out?

Although I've never been to New Mexico, I'm sure I'd like it there, too, and want to go as soon as possible. Now while the heat index is at least 105 with orange and red alerts, I dream of being there. I am so miserable with this suffocating, cloying heat which is like a hot, damp blanket wrapped oppressively around me. I can't breathe or be the least bit comfortable. I'll stop now. You get the idea.

This photpgraph of Oak Creek Canyon is copyrighted by Brian Klimowski. You can see more of his beautiful photography on his site here.


Berry Blog said...

Dancing Flame, your streaming thing overlaps your page. Damn.
I recall our many talks about Ariz years ago when you were doing it...not to mention the little romance with the Chief..when we were comparing notes on our spiritual mentors. Remember the house that would take us all in with your new concept of ideal community living with privacy accounted for? Now I'd prefer one of those mansion resorts you visited on Fla vacation trip. I'm getting snotty and picky in me old age.
I love Maine for those little nooks ( in pict) but one must walk more than I can now for my spots. Oh look Joy, I wonder what these plants are way out here in the middle of nowhere.Obviously someone has gone to a lot of trouble tending them.

Berry Blog said...

Oh yes, a reminder. I like that feature you use for opening a window for comments. Easier to get back to your page.

David Dust said...

Darling Joy -

That's a gorgeous picture. If there is an Arby's nearby, I'd be glad to go with you!


Joy said...

Charlie, go up there to the top of this page and click on "Babble On" where it says to post a comment. That will get you back to the blog. If you don't post a comment, you can just click the back arrow.

Ah yes memories of Arizona! :-)

David, we'll find an Arby's! You know it! So come on! Let's go!


doggybloggy said...

new mexico?

Joy said...

Yes, doggy, you grew up in NM, didn't you? Which part?

doggybloggy said...

south of albuquerque