Sunday, August 31, 2008

RNC and Gustav

If you haven't read Michael Moore's Open Letter to God, please check it out here. This is part of it:
The other night, James Dobson's ministry asked all believers to pray for a storm on Thursday night so that the Obama acceptance speech outdoors in Denver would have to be canceled.

I see that You have answered Dr. Dobson's prayers -- except the storm You have sent to earth is not over Denver, but on its way to New Orleans! In fact, You have scheduled it to hit Louisiana at exactly the moment that George W. Bush is to deliver his speech at the Republican National Convention.

So the last thing John McCain and the Republicans needed was to have a split-screen on TVs across America: one side with Bush and McCain partying in St. Paul, and on the other side of the screen, live footage of their Republican administration screwing up once again while New Orleans drowns.

So please God, let the storm die out at sea. It's done enough damage already. If you do this one favor for me, I promise not to invoke your name again. I'll leave that to the followers of Dr. Dobson and to those gathering this week in St. Paul.


Berry Blog said...

So true- in today's paper McCain is on the way to N.O.- such bravado. Not only that, he himself, all powerful was thinking of canceling the convention. Reeeeeeaaaaallllly? that's a lot of herring coming into Minnesota- Rose will be furious in St Olaf

Joy said...

I know. McSame can't cancel the convention, especially if he wants to be officially nominated as the candidate. Yeah, he and Palin went to NO to do something, but they don't know what.