Sunday, August 24, 2008


Tina heard from her tests and has been diagnosed with adult-onset myoclonic epilespsy. She'll be on medication and not allowed to drive until further notice. Her neurologist said to think in terms of months instead of weeks before she can drive, which as you can imagine, makes her feel restricted and at the mercy of others. Eventually, after her medication is regulated and she's been seizure-free for quite a while, she can drive to work and back. I know this bothers her on several levels, but I just want her to feel better and be safe and am glad to help out by driving her places. It gives us a chance to visit.

She's relieved to know what it is and can now learn all she can about it and follow the treatment prescribed. Although she might never know the cause, she knows some triggers for the seizures. This is scary. She's had all the symptoms, which have progressed, so it's good to know what's going on and what to do about it. Sleep deprivation and skipping meals are two triggers. This is why both of us feel better when we're on vacation. We eat regular meals, exercise, and get sleep. Now all we have to do is take better care of ourselves in our own environment. And go on more vacations!

I've been reading about what to do if she has a seizure while I'm around. I'm not good in medical emergencies, so I'm so glad she hasn't had one when we've been somewhere. I'm going to review those guidelines over and over and be prepared and not panic.

This sucks.


Vicki said...

Yes, I'm glad Tina finally knows what's happening. Hmmmm...maybe this means we all need a siesta during the school day! I certainly wouldn't object to that!

Berry Blog said...

At least SOMETHING is settled. Thank God for that. Knowing what she's dealing is a big part of the battle, don't you think? I know you'll watch over her-it's just your way.
many many blessings-

Cindy :) said...

Please let Tina know she is in our thoughts and prayers. She couldn't be in better hands. You will research and be a specialist in no time. We'll call you the first responder. Sending good thoughts your way!