Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grandson Update

Luke is doing really well. Kathy said he was trying to get all independent on her and is using his feet to play his video games and to use the remote control. She said he was getting pretty good with his feet. He's been eating like a puppy off of his plate. Kids are resilient.

His appointment with the orthopedist had good news. He's supposed to wear the temporary cast for about three weeks and then will get a short cast, which means he can bend his elbows. He'll see the doctor every five days, which will determine how soon he gets the short cast. Kathy is holding up pretty well, too.


Berry Blog said...

Bravo- playing games with his feet-must be a sight to see.LOL
...and Bravo for Kathy and her pull it together family.

David Dust said...

That is one DEDICATED video game enthusiast if he's willing to play with his feet!

I'm so glad he's doing better.


Chris said...

I shattered the bones in my right wrist one summer and had to learn how to throw a football with my left hand...your grandson has impressive determination.

Here's to aspeedy recovery and oh, be sure the boy washes his feet! :)