Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics 2008

As much as I love watching events during the Olympics, I also enjoy seeing the location where its held. I like learning about the geography and culture and the athletes' lives. It's fascinating!

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It's also been a two-week break from my life. Maybe I'll get things done that have been on hold and get more sleep now. Anyone else miss sleep because of the Olympics?

So good-bye, Beijing! It's been great!

Final Medal Talley

And hello, Vancouver! I'm looking forward to February 12 - 28!

I have a thing about Vancouver and definitely want to visit and often want to live there, sight unseen. Looking at the city, the Rockies, and Pacific Ocean make me want to go there even more. It's going to be wonderful to get to see more of it in two years. In the meantime, I wish I could go there on vacation. In some ways I'd like to go to the Olympics and thought about it seriously when it was in Atlanta, but the crowds and expense have kept me from making that a reality. I would have also liked to go to Wimbledon when Bjorn Borg was playing. I will go to Vancouver someday, though.


Dan said...

embiggen Aunty Flame?


Joy said...

Yes, we English majors like to make up words. :-)

Debster said...

I have been to Vancouver and it was jolly nice. Best holiday ever.

Berry Blog said...

What is Vancouver...winter Olympics before summer again in London?
Doesn't embiggen work better with private parts? Well it's your fault with your post on sex at the Olumpic
Can't get my mind off it now!